The 10 Essential Products to Make Flying Easier

Whether you’re going on a trip overseas or you’re popping over to the next state, we all know that flying is a hassle. That’s why I’ve provided the 10 essential products you should take with you on your next trip in order to make your flight more bearable! From San Diego all the way to Europe, no matter the destination, bringing these items will help make you much happier, more rested, and feel more comfortable on your next flight. Bon voyage!

Read below to find out what products you’ll need to have the best flight of your life! With all these products, you’ll feel like you’re flying in first class! The best part: all of the products listed below are $25 or less!


1. A Sleeping Mask

If you’re taking a red-eye flight somewhere (or a flight that’s longer than six hours), you need a sleeping mask. While many airlines are likely to turn off the lights for passengers when it’s time to sleep, there’s always the possibility that your neighbor will want to turn on their overhead light to read a quick story before bed. With a sleep mask, you can guarantee that you won’t be disturbed by that harsh airplane light anymore. With the sleep masks I’ve provided below, you can sleep your flight away in style!

Donut Talk to Me Sleeping Mask

Breakfast at Tiffanys Sleeping Mask


Blue and Black Sleeping Masks

2. Earplugs

There’s nothing worse than listening to a crying baby or someone loudly snoring. Use some earplugs to block out the noise while you’re trying to sleep!



Ear Plugs (20 pack)

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you want to block out the sounds of your fellow travelers while also listening to your own music, then noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect device for you! While they may be a bit pricier than normal headphones, these headphones are worth it to block out every unwanted sound! Once fully charged, you can even listen to your music for up to 30 hours!


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

4. Chargers

Imagine this: you pull out your laptop to answer some work e-mails on your flight. You craft an e-mail, edit it to make sure everything is perfect, and just as you’re about to press ‘send’…Poof! Your laptop starts to shut down since it ran out of battery. Now your entertainment and productivity are gone for the rest of your lengthy flight! This all could have been prevented if you’d brought your laptop charger! Remember: always charge your devices the night before your trip and make sure to bring them in your carry-on bag!


iPhone Chargers


Extension Cord (useful if you need to plug in multiple things! Also a great way to meet new people at the airport!)


5. A Great Book

If your phone, kindle, or tablet happens to die, then you’ll be stuck with no other entertainment! It’s always a good idea to keep some back-up entertainment that doesn’t need to be charged while you’re on the plane (especially if outlets are limited). Besides, isn’t reading a great way to pass the time? Here are some of my favorite entertaining reads.



Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple



Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling


6. Water bottle

While flying, people often get extremely dehydrated. Bring an empty water bottle onto your flight and fill it up after security. Once you’re finished with it, ask the flight attendant to re-fill it for you during the flight!

Double-Walled Reusable Water Bottle with Insulated Lid


Kate Spade Reusable Glitter Water Bottle


Kate Spade Lemon Water Bottle

7. Snacks

Snacks are essential for a long flight. You don’t know when or if you’ll be provided with food, and there’s nothing worse than being hangry on a plane. If you need to take any medications with your food, then bringing snacks is also vitally important. Some of my favorite snacks include apples with peanut butter, carrots, or trail mix. If you don’t want to bring perishables on the plane, here are some snacks that can survive the journey as well as some cute reusable bags to keep them in!


40 Count of Assorted Snacks


Nordic by Nature Reusable Snack Bags


Reusable Snacks Bags (Set of 3)

8. Hand Sanitizer

No matter how well the seats and tray tables are wiped down, there’s still a chance that there are germs lying everywhere. Rather than get up to wash your hands a bunch of times, bring some hand sanitizer with you on your next flight! Just remember to keep it under 3.4 oz!

Purell Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer (4 pack)

9. Scarf

You may be wondering why you need to bring a scarf on the plane. I’m here to inform you that there are several reasons to do so! If the plane is chilly, you can wrap your scarf around yourself. Scratchy blanket? Use your scarf! Need a pillow? Bunch up your scarf and sleep on it!


Lightweight Floral Scarf with Birds

Lightweight Scarves (3 pack)

10. Travel Pillow

Traveling with a travel pillow is SO much better than sleeping without one. It can make all the difference between a sore neck and a pleasant slumber. I highly recommend getting one with memory foam for even better support!

Squirrel Travel Pillow

Memory Soft Travel Pillow

With these products, your next flight will be so, so much better! What are your travel essentials? What would you add to this list? Let me know down in the comments below!

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Best Cafes in Japan (and One Café You Shouldn’t Visit)

Best Cafes in Japan (and One Café You Shouldn’t Visit)

If you’re traveling to Japan, you must visit some of the cafes located in the country. Whether you love kawaii monsters or owls, there’s a café out there that will be sure to spark your interest! Read below to find out some of the best cafés you can find in Japan!

1. The Owl Café

The Owl Café was my personal favorite of all the cafes we visited. What’s not to love about petting and feeding cute owls? While the owl café is small, it’s still a wonderful experience. When I went, they had about six owls you could play with. My favorite owl was Bob, a big barn owl with huge, orange eyes. When you first walk into the café, you are allowed one drink with your reservation. After waiting about ten minutes, they lead you into a room with all the owls. There, the employees helped the customers with holding the owls on your arm and taking them off. You are also allowed to take an unlimited number of pictures (which is not always allowed in certain stores and cafes within Japan). For an extra fee, you can buy meat to feed the owls with. I highly recommend doing so, as it’s so much fun watching the owls gobble up their food! Make reservations for the owl café here! 


2. Kawaii Monster Café

Out of all the cafes that I visited in Japan, the Kawaii Monster Café was the most colorful of them all! The restaurant itself was designed by the set designer who creates the music videos for the famous Japanese pop singer, Kyary Pyamu Pyamu (LINK TO KYARY MUSIC  VIDEO HERE). The first thing you’ll notice upon walking in is the explosion of color everywhere! No matter where you look, you’ll find every shade of the rainbow. There are four different areas inside the restaurant where you can eat your meal: the mel-tea room, the mushroom disco, the milk stand, or the BAR experiment. During your dinner, a few girls dressed up as monsters wander around the restaurant to take photos with customers. Halfway through dinner, they climb up onto the massive carousel in the middle of the restaurant and put on a show! Whichever customer is wearing the most ‘kawaii’ outfit is invited to join the monsters up on the stage! It’s completely zany, wacky, and so much fun! As for the food, it’s very, very Americanized and just as colorful as the rest of the restaurant. While the food isn’t great, I recommend coming for the atmosphere at the very least. Make reservations here!

3. The Cat Café

There are several cat cafes located in Japan, but the one we went to was called “Cat Café Calico”, located in Shibuya, Tokyo. During your visit, you have the option to wear a pair of cat ears to blend in with all the kitties! The cats are very lazy and did not move until we bought food to feed them with. Once we did, the cats gathered towards us and a feeding frenzy began! If you want the cats to interact with you, I highly recommend buying cat treats. Please note: Only children over 12 can come to the cat café! Also, the initial entry fee of 1000¥ is only for one hour. If you’d like to stay longer than an hour, you must pay an additional 150¥ for every extra 10 minutes that you stay. You can check out their website here!

Finally, the one café that I do not recommend visiting while in Japan.


Butlers café

The Butler’s Café was by far the most awkward encounter I had in Japan. The difficulty began as soon as I tried to make a reservation.  I had to e-mail them a reservation three times before they would accept one (the first two times they refused was because I apparently filled out the reservation form incorrectly). It was not worth the hassle for the experience. The first thing you’ll be presented with when you walk in is the set of rules they demand you follow while visiting the cafe. You may only take pictures of your food, not of the butlers or of each other (due to the potential risk of catching a picture of a butler in the background). You may not take pictures of the café. You may not get up from the table without a butler’s permission. To use the restroom, you must be escorted by a butler. Once you pay, you must leave immediately. The only way to take pictures with or of the butlers is by paying an additional fee of 3,000¥. If you wish to cancel your reservation at any time, you must pay a 2,000¥ cancellation fee for each person within the reservation (so if you made an appointment for two people, you have to pay a 4,000 yen cancellation fee). If you stay past 6 pm (regardless of what time you signed up for), you must pay an extra 500¥ fee. The food itself is not very tasty either, but you are required to get at least two items (a food and a drink) every two hours or else you must leave. One last thing: if you talk or laugh too loudly, you will be scolded by a butler. Overall, I absolutely do not recommend this restaurant for tourists. The main attraction for it is that young Japanese girls can talk to attractive butlers from foreign countries while practicing their English. Skip this café and go to one of the others I’ve recommended on this list instead.


Which café do you want to visit most? If you’ve been to Japan, what was your favorite café? Do you have another café that you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Taking a Quick Trip to Eataly

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to Italy, but thought that it was too far away or cost too much money? Thanks to Eataly, you can get a small taste before you go! Eataly is a gourmet grocery store that specializes in foods from Italy. Not only can you find scrumptious products straight from Italy itself, but you can also find delicious hand-made cheeses, meats, pizzas, gelato, cannolis, and more! My personal favorite part of Eataly are the restaurants that can be found within. The three restaurants found there include La Piazza, Il Pesce Cucina, and La Pizza & La Pasta.

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